(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Destroyed]
Syn. demolished, overthrown, torn down, extinct, abolished, exterminated, annihilated, subverted, wrecked, desolated, ravaged, smashed, crushed, crashed, extinguished, extirpated, dissolved, totaled*, screwed up*; see also destroyed .
Ant. protected*, saved, preserved.
2. [Spoiled]
Syn. pillaged, harried, robbed, plundered, injured, hurt, impaired, defaced, harmed, marred, past hope, mutilated, botched, broken, gone to the dogs*, gone to the devil*, gone to pot*, on the rocks*, done for*; see also spoiled .
Ant. repaired, restored*, mended.
3. [Rendered unchaste]
Syn. violated, defiled, ravished, raped, forced, despoiled, deflowered.
4. [Bankrupt]
Syn. poverty-stricken, pauperized, beggared, reduced, left in penury, penniless, fleeced, brought to want, out of business, gone under*, sold up*, busted*, broke*; see also insolvent .
Ant. rich*, prosperous, successful.

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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